Requests for Proposals/Qualifications

Management, Operation and
Marketing of the CommuteSmart Vanpool Program

The Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham (RPCGB) is seeking to solicit a qualified, professional vendor to provide turn-key administration and operation of the CommuteSmart Vanpool program, Birmingham’s regional rideshare program.  To download the entire RFP, please go here.


Questions and Answers, RFP# RPC18-0102



Is CommuteSmart willing to co-brand the vehicle decals with chosen contractor?


Page 6, Vehicles

“The agreement can be terminated at any time.  The only requirement for such termination is a 15-day written notice to the Contractor.”

We request the 15-day notification timeline to be changed to the industry standard of 30 days due to the risk the contractor incurs with a shorter timeframe.


This can be discussed more during contract negotiations.  Our opinion is that a 15-day written notice termination policy is best for the customer, although most customers typically allow for more time.
Page 11, Management Services

“The Proposer shall provide at a minimum one (1) full-time project coordinator on-site in the RPCGB’s offices…”

Please clarify the goals of this request; what is the purpose/goals of having the staff on-site.


Having an on-site full-time project coordinator allows for us to maintain oversight of work being done while fostering a better agency/contractor team environment.
Page 9, Miscellaneous Equipment

“□ Chrome grille w/single halogen headlights.

□ Chrome bumpers”

We request the required chrome items be stricken from the RPF, depending on the model of the vehicle, it may not have these specifications and to obtain these items may increase the timeline to delivery vehicles and/or create barriers to starting groups.


We will remove this verbiage from the RFP.
Page 10, Insurance – if awarded we request the below change; “…each accident…”

Please change to “combined single limit per occurrence”




This verbiage shall remain as is.


Page 10, Insurance

“□ Bodily injury: $1,000,000.00 per occurrence, and

□ Property damage: $100,000.00 per occurrence.”

We request these two insurance items be stricken as they do not pertain to the vanpool program.


This verbiage shall remain as is.
Page 14, Federal Transit Administration National Transit Database Reporting “…quarterly reports…”

We request quarterly reports be stricken from the RFP as there is no such thing as quarterly NTD reports; only monthly and annually.




We will remove this verbiage from the RFP.
Page 17-18, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Participation

We request a reduction or elimination of the evaluation criteria based on DBE participation.  The structure of the vanpool programs does not allow for a high participation rate and therefore the existing evaluation criterial based on DBE participation is unattainable.



The RPCGB has a DBE participation goal and is required to report the percentage to ALDOT each year.  Every RFP that the RPCGB releases has DBE participation as part of the scoring criteria so the DBE requirement will stay.
Can companies from outside the USA apply for this for example India or Canada)?


Would we need to come over there for meetings?


Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside the USA?


There is no requirement for the company to be in the USA, but all contractual requirements will need to be met regardless of where the company is based.
Can we submit the proposals via email?


No. Submittals should be mailed, or hand delivered to:

Lisa Smith, CommuteSmart/APCA Program Manager

Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham

Two Twentieth Street North, Suite 1200

Birmingham, Alabama 35203