CommuteSmart welcomes the Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce as Their Newest Partner

CommuteSmart welcomes the Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce as their newest partner. “The Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to work with CommuteSmart to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality,” said Bill Powell, executive director. Through the partnership, CommuteSmart is better able to connect with the over 1,100 members of the Hoover Area Chamber.

By partnering with employers and local organizations, CommuteSmart is able to spread awareness of the program and assist organizations with issues related to commuting. Many employer partners offer CommuteSmart as a no-cost benefit to their employees promoting the program through on-site events and marketing. Others work with CommuteSmart to see how commuting may impact employee retention, absenteeism, and parking shortages. For employees interested in options for commuting, CommuteSmart offers services such as a ride matching database as well as financial incentives for employees choosing to take an alternative commute.

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