Data & Maps

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS), data and maps, program of the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham offers a wide range of mapping services to member governments. GIS utilizes spatial data to better manage and analyze the physical characteristics of local jurisdictions and serves to create greater efficiencies for city services and decision making.

The GIS Department principally serves as a support service for the Transportation, Community Planning, and Economic Development Departments of the Commission though it also serves as a mapping and analysis resource for local governments.


  • GIS implementation planning
  • Site analysis reporting
  • Boundary and annexation (BAS) reporting
  • Demographic and socioeconomic profiles
  • Existing and future land use
  • Transportation and utility infrastructure
  • Zoning administration
  • Municipal redistricting
  • Geocoding and georeferencing
  • GIS Data (Open Data)

For information related to mapping services, demographic reports, and GIS data requests,
please contact Brett Isom.


RPCGB Regional Trends, 2000-2013 is a synopsis of selected demographic and employment characteristics and changes within the region. » Download

Birmingham City Center Employment Profile report details employment and wage/salary characteristics of the Birmingham Central Business District (CBD). » Download

Birmingham MPO’s Demographic and Socioeconomic Projections for 2035. » Download
The data in this report is periodically amended.

Jefferson County Migration Flows, 1997 – 2006 is an overview report of population and income flows into and out of Jefferson County, Alabama. » Download